Resist. Reclaim. Revolt. A queerfeminist summerlab

From the 21st to the 23rd of June we will organise a queerfeminist summerlab for people who define as Women, Lesbians, Inter, NonBinary and Trans at AZ Mülheim. 

Having organized three queerfeminist networking events in the ruhr area, we would like to meet for several days this summer. There will be speeches, talking circles, workshops, concerts, parties, a film screening and a lot of space to meet, connect and have a good time. 

The queerfeminist summerlab with its motto Resist.Reclaim.Revolt is a space for communication and experiences, for study, research, analysis and experiments. We intend to offer the opportunity for personal encounter, creative resistance, empowerment and rebellion on the micro as well as the macro level. 

We aim to create a space for anyone who has or is affected by sexism. We also think it is vital to take other factors of discrimination into account. Therefore, the place where a major part of the events take place are on ground level. People who do not speak German (fluently) can take part in many of the workshops. We offer an empowerment room for PoC, where people negatively affected by racism can retreat to get together and connect amongst themselves. We welcome children: if you are in need of child care, please contact us. 

If you have any questions, demands or remarks, you can reach us via mail as well:

You may visit single workshops or stay the whole weekend. 

You are cordially invited!